Chapter 35 - Something Right Out Of A Book!

"I must look very stupid to you. A vampire? Really?" She laughed hysterically, standing up from the bed, passing by him, to dramatically pace around the room. "Not a failed scientific experiment, or-- even a successful one but a creature right out of a fantasy book?!" Shs clapped in sarcasm before she shot him a glare. "I absolutely believe you."

Then she stopped and looked right at him, his face was serious and his lips were pressed together tightly.

"Do you even know that those things are not real?"

"Will you say that everything you had gone through tonight isn't real?"

"Well, that still doesn't-- vampire? That is just ridiculous." Then her voice dropped low, "they are not real."

"We are real, Ivy," he came close to her, slowly so as not to intimidate her, but she took a step back and he stopped immediately, "and not Amryelsa is one of us."


Ivy blinked, looking around quickly.

She had only heard of them in fantasy books and seen them in movies.

But with everything she

((My heart goes out to everyone in Florida and Pakistan that are being affected by the flood right now. I pray that this time will pass and we will all survive to tell the story.))

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