chapter 9

*Ancient time*

Sandra's POV

I jolted awake after having the dream.

I remember going to sleep thinking about her. i really didn't expect to see her. 

i ran my hand through my now black hairs frustated.

that was such a weird dream! well dreaming a the same woman every single fucking night us even weirder but that doesn't count right now. the thing is this dream was different from my other dreams.

when i was in my own body i would always dream of Enola in pleasant surroundings.

i never remember what the dream was but i would remember it to be pleasent.

for the first time i actually saw her in a unpleasant environment. 

It all felt like lonely, like sad and like... everything was dead!

why is all of this is happening? there is a reason for everything!

i need to find the answers and i am going too!

Out of no where i felt a pair of soft lips on mine. my first reaction was to push whoever the fuck was away but then who ever the fuck was suddenly wrapped his arms around my torso and pulled me in not allowing me to break free. 

i had to admit it was taste kinda sweet. 

and smells like honey and soil after rain.

Why does this scent seems familiar? 

realization hit me like a truck.

it's the fucker!

My anger boiled to the point that the meter of it broke and i punched him hard in abdomen breaking his strong hold off me gaining satisfactory groans of pain from him.

i quickly wiped my lips getting rid of any traces of him

"You are such a pervert!" i yelled at him to which he chuckled


that's it! i am officially going to be known for being his murderer.

i threw a punch at him which he dodged but i didn't stop there.

i pushed him down on bed and held his thick neck ( not thick in sense of fat but thick like muscular) 

"Woahhh! lemon i thought you wanted to take things slow but i don't mind this at all" 

his shameless comment successfully put a red blush on cheeks making his husky grin grow bigger. 

taking advantage of my distraction he pushed me off of him and pinned me down getting on top of me making me gasp at the sudden intimidate position and blushed even more.

He moved closer making my eyes go wide.

"I love the blushing you lemon. epically when it's the blush i put on!"  


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