chapter 14

*Ancient times*

Sandra POV

Since it was my first time after the marriage coming back to home so Enola's father insisted on making us stay for a night.

at first i wanted to refuse even after Enola's mother insistence but considering the fact that i am in Enola's body and they are Enola's parents i gave in.

Also i wished i could stay away from my unwanted husband but this world practically loves to go against my wishes so Night also stayed.

"This is the first time my lovely wife visit get home . it would be impolite to leave her"

i wanted to beat the crap out of him for what the nonsense he said but my hands were tied to a invisible rope.

Oh God just give me one chance to slit his throat open.

So the day went something like this

We spent time with Enola's parents.

we had lunch and dinner

we had very boring talks.

Enola's parents telling stories of her childhood and her being a sharp and mischievous child.

Her hobbies her love for book


Finally the sun set
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