Chap-12*Unmarked Widow*

My heart began to pound in my head, my body feeling an icy wave stabbing my skin like tiny little needles. The goosebumps covered my skin as I pushed my body into the corner and far away from the coffin.

My mind couldn’t stop making up queries about what was this and why was it here?

What was I seeing? Why was there a dead body of my mate preserved in a coffin? Why wasn’t his body handed over to the wailing brides?

This wasn’t good for so many reasons. Not only would I be tortured watching him sleeping for eternity but the wailing brides will never let the Alpha King Aramis keep Tanner’s body.

I was startled and shaken up badly, tears were streaming down my eyes as I forgot to blink. I couldn’t bring myself to go near the coffin and see his face from close. Sliding against the wall, I embraced my knees, pulling my legs closed and my knees to my chest.

I could see the hole that silver dagger had left in his chest that he had stabbed himself with before jumping off the window.

There w
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