Mrs. Kennedy was chatting with Randy in the lounge when I came out after an hour-long sleep. The smile on those two people’s faces who lived enough to have a splendid notion of how this cruel world worked was a precious treasure to notice. They were in their 60s, lived and saw more than me. Perhaps the life experience that they had in their book was worse than what I went through. Still, there was hope in their eyes.

After learning the nature of this ruthless world, having hope and faith in the heart was one of the most demanding jobs to do in this world.

Randy was one of those unfortunate people in this universe who never really had a chance to have anything on their own. The moment he thought he had a home to call his own was the moment he came face to face with a bitter truth. His wife of seven years was sleeping with his boss, who was a billion times higher than Randy in terms of money, power, and fame.

Spoiler: it was my father, and his wife was none other than Maria, our maid.

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