Yesterday after lunch, I got a call. The number was unknown, so I avoided picking up the call the first two times it beeped on my phone, also because I was in a meeting with a client, which I thought was more important than that stupid call. Another reason was that I assumed it was Celine. My ex-girlfriend, who was going crazy over the fact that I dumped her, said it was better to dodge her, especially after the last conversation I had with her.

I didn’t pay any attention to my phone for an hour and more, but when my phone didn’t stop and the meeting was over, I picked up the phone just to warn that phone of this newly crazy woman.

“Will you stop this madness?” I yelled over the phone.

“What madness?” a female voice asked.

And the voice wasn’t Celine’s. I was with Celine for over a decade. There was no way I would not recognize her nasal voice this easily. The weak voice belonged to some older woman with whom I was familiar, yet not a single name or face came to my mind to identify th
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