“Joy is doing just fine,” Caleb told me after I checked my daughter from head to toe a hundred times. She was obviously doing fine since Celeb was with her, whom I trusted most in this cruel world at that moment.

“I have no doubt about that.” I sighed. “I am changing her nappies. She peed on them.”

“Don’t lie, Lauren, darling.” He walked a few steps to reach me and pulled me from the bed into his arms. “I can read you.” His hand gently caressed my cheeks while his eyes were on my lips, but the most horrifying part was his lips and their intention.

He kept biting his lip while looking at mine. I recognized the shadow that shielded his blue eyes with a dark coating; it was lust, the one that I had witnessed enough in my life to identify even before the man who was going through his fully wrapped him in this sin.

Things were just going down as Caleb’s hand reached the lower part of my body. Everything was clear when he touched my ass, along with a forceful squeeze that hurt me. Perhaps a
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