CHAPTER 57: Becoming a Villain


"Arsenio," I stopped on my track on seeing Adele standing just outside my private studio.

"Hey, good morning. Why didn't you come in? Hope you've not been waiting for long?" I smiled as I stepped closer to her.

"I'm just arriving actually. You seem busy..."

"No I'm not. I just wrapped things up." I interrupted and she nodded slightly.


I glance over her simple dressing and smiled.

"Hope you've been resting fine? You seem a bit unusual." I stated and she smiled warmly.

"I'm fine. Don't worry."

"Alright, come with me." I said as we began to walk down the corridor, towards the elevator that'll lead us to my private penthouse at the top floor.


I sipped from my cup of Italian coffee absentmindedly. I was sitting across from Arsenio, watching him work on his laptop_although my thoughts were long gone from him.

All through the drive down here, I'd imagined and hoped Carlo would suddenly show up like he's done in the past. I wish
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