Union From Hell

David made his way through the mountains, he was traveling with three warriors headed towards the North where the Winterborn pack resided. The elders in the council had taken a vote approving the merger proposal they'd requested. He was tasked to go there and observe the pack’s activities before informing them of their decision, a pack without a leader was dangerous.

The travel would take three days and it was their second, they would be arriving latest tomorrow's evening. He took a gulp of water from the flask that was around his neck.

During the meeting with the council members, the Alpha had informed them that the crowning ceremony of the new Luna would commence the moment he -David- returned from his travel. He clenched his fist at the thought of it.

David was pleased with the thought of the goddess finding his daughter worthy enough to be the Luna of a pack as powerful as theirs, it was proof that his lineage was of strong noble breed but at the same time he didn't like it. Alena
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