A piece

Looking at her beautiful smile, Owen's heart ached, but he absolutely did not allow himself to be weak. To be able to restore power, sit on the throne of vampires, become Lewis the great, he can't help but use Brawen. Yes, the purpose he saved Brawen that year was for Brawen to become his pawn, to become the deadly rose that led him to the throne of power.

His hands trembled as he wrapped her arms around her and then squeezed her tightly as if it were their last hug. He knew, he had to hurt Brawen, even push her away from him forever, but as long as he could regain the throne, even if Brawen died, he wouldn't regret it.

Now that time has come.

“I also have something to tell Brawen.” Owen let go of her, because let her hug him like this, he was afraid that he would not be able to hold his heart and destroy the plan he had prepared for nearly 1000 years with his own hands.

Brawen looked at him bewilderedly, the ray of happiness in her heart died out, a feeling of insecurity suddenly cam
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