One-hundred and seven: A new direction 2

Li na Davidson sat by the bedside of her son, with tears running down her eyes. Ryan’s head was wrapped in a bandage with the side soaked with blood. He was unconscious but the doctor told them that he was in a coma.

Li na sat beside his unconscious body, holding onto his arm while she wailed silently. Clifford, on the other hand, stood at the far end of the room, watching his son, who was on a life support machine, with a fearful expression etched on his face. From the moment he received the news of Ryan’s fatal accident, the fear of losing his only son had riddled him and he couldn’t shake it off.

For the last twenty-four hours since his unconscious body was rushed to the hospital, he was yet to regain consciousness, not even move a part of his body. His body’s temperature was dangerously low but the doctor assured them that he was still holding on to life and will be well soon.

Clifford was beginning to regret forcing Ryan to attend the meeting that Adeline had called. When he’d in
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If it were a fatal accident Ryan would be dead

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