Chapter 133

"Do you think you can defeat me, huh? You may be powerful now, Ghino, but I have been one for hundreds of years. Look around you." Big Boss announced with a proud smile on his face. His wicked laughter shivered through the hair on the back of my neck and then cascaded down on every corner of my backbone.

Around us were hundreds of thousands of innocent dead bodies piled up and lying on the ground, all lifeless, including the students and professors in our school, my friends, Nadine, Edwin, and Jackson while Nathan was held in his right hand and thrown his body to his left hand again and again like a toy.

Those hundreds of thousands of innocent lives had cut off arms and legs. Headless. And hearts ripped off. The colour of the sky reddened as it reflected the colour of the blood that flooded the surface of the earth.

"They all died in my hands, Ghino. Did you help any of them?" his wicked laughter continued. This time, it sounded like a bolt of thunder and piercing lig
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