Chapter 139

"Shit. Someone wants to sabotage the mission." I muttered to Nathan but my glimmering eyes were sharply pointed at Roger and his daughter. The only piece of information I shared with Nathan was that we're heading to see Scott Mccall in a small town in San Francisco.

"So, you were saying it was us who sabotage this mission?" Roger made it clear through my sharp eyes. "Are you kidding us, Ghino? Have you ever forgotten that it was you who first disobey the mission by bringing Nathan with us?"

"So, you were saying, your daughter is part of this too? Don't just come clean if you're obeying what was in the plan, Mr Roger. And besides, you and Big Boss come from the same origin." This time, the tone of my voice changed.

"Excuse me?" his daughter added. "How dare you accuse my father and me like that, Ghino? We've done a lot in this battle against them. And haven't you forgotten it was Nathan's kind heart who turned Victor into the monster he is now? Don't make me believe tha
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