Chapter 151

"Stay out of this, Nathan. This is between me and her. For believing I am the enemy. I know you don't trust me yet, but you will..."

"Ghino, whatever you're doing. Better do it now. We can't hold them any longer." Roger yelled despite having difficulties fighting against three.

"Help them, Nathan. You are one of the reasons she can't trust me. Better prove to them you deserve to be the next king of your pack." Ghino's words penetrated my heart. My wolf doesn't know what exactly are they talking about but I could feel the level of desperation in his tone.

His thunderous blaming growls which were pointing at me forced my feet to turn around. Forget my worries and fears, and attacked Victor's wolves with everything my wolf could offer. The only wolf who I believe trusted my wolf also blamed me.

He did not hesitate to say that in front of me even if he knew it could hurt my feelings. The tone of his voice was telling me that everything could have been avoided if not be
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