Chapter 13: Ivor's Documents

I was dedicated to my job, making myself busier than anyone in the company, so I did not have to worry about Ivor or anything about him.

My devotion surprised and pleased Ivor.

So I became his only assistant not to accompany him on his business trip to California. Instead, I would assist the vice president in the company's management.

On the third day of his business trip, he called me and asked me to escort Elie to the hotel where he was staying. As I had assisted the vice president with most of the important tasks in the company.

On a private plane, Elie asked me,

“It’s amazing that Ivor left you so busy to see me.”

“It’s my job, Miss Jenner,” I coldly replied.

I was lazy to think about what it really meant, and I leaned back in my chair and took a nap.

I did not believe Elie was a deer, but I did not hate her either. Simply, I wanted brief contact with her.

After a nap, I continued to bury my head at work.

Recently, Ivor was only interested in Elie, so things related to Ivor’s mistress were less and less. In addition, I also proved to Ivor my ability. So he gave me new jobs, it involved important contracts and confidential company information.

I felt comfortable getting this job; I appreciate the opportunity I had. Because if the tasks Ivor gave me were well done, I could get a place in the company.

The plane landed in California at 12 PM. When I got off the plane, I got a call from Ivor.

“Have you arrived yet?” Ivor asked me.

“We just got off at the airport. Romeo sent a driver to pick us up, I’ll take Miss Jenner to the hotel in 30 minutes,” I said.

“All right,” Ivor said, then hung up.

I stared blankly at the phone screen; it was completely black. I remembered the rumors about Ivor and Elie’s wedding. Pain rose in my heart.

I hurriedly put my phone in my bag, then continued to be busy so as not to bother about Ivor.

When I took Elie to the hotel, Ivor opened the door in a drunken state. It surprised me at how tired and crummy he was.

“Sir, Miss Jenner…”

As soon as Ivor saw Elie, he immediately pulled Elie into the room and closed the door.

Maybe he forgot that before that, he asked me to get a document from his place.

That was the list of mistresses Ivor had. It seemed Ivor didn’t want to live a free and relaxed life anymore, so he asked me to handle it.

I hesitated.

I wondered if I should knock on the door again, bother him, and get the list.

Soon, I heard Elie’s charming moan coming from the hotel room.

We had to know that this hotel room was soundproof. How loud was Elie’s moan that it could get past the hotel’s walls?

I was not happy to hear Elie’s moan and sank into sad thoughts. I stood in front of Ivor’s hotel room for twenty minutes just to think.

It was so stupid.

As soon as I realized I was acting like an idiot, I shook my head and tried to get the unhappy thoughts out.

I would be back tomorrow to get the list when Ivor’s sober.

But when I got in, Ivor called me.

“Come to my room, get the list,” Ivor said coldly, as if giving orders.

“Shit, I know,” I said. “Couldn’t you have told me sooner? Ivor, I’ve been doing a lot of work all month, but you haven’t given me a raise. While your mistresses get all kinds of things without having to do anything. I wonder if I should give up my job to be a mistress of a wealthy CEO.”

I minded nothing that said about my dissatisfaction. It was possible that because of the pressures of hard work and Elie’s moan that I could not contain my negative emotions.

However, I was not too worried; it was not the first time Ivor was drunk, he’ would forget everything the next morning.

The call was still connected. Ivor was silent for five seconds after listening to me.

“Come here,” Ivor gritted his teeth, saying.

Ivor was angry.

I had to go to his room again.

When Ivor opened the door, he was in semi nude. He was wearing only jersey joggers.

His shattered muscles attracted me. He always wore polite outfits. So even though I knew that he liked gymnastics and his body was toned, I had never seen it naked.

It was hot and sexy.

Ivor seemed to have found out I was paying attention to his muscles.

He said in an unpleasant tone, “The document you need is on the coffee table.”

I went into the room.

“Don’t get this wrong,” Ivor said.

I looked at him in surprise.

What did he mean?

Ivor frowned, then went to the bathroom.

I saw Elie naked, buried in a blanket. There were quite a lot of documents on the coffee table, mainly contact information of partners and paintings.

I took a deep breath, patiently looking for what I needed amidst the messy documents on the coffee table.

“Wait, Ivor, there’s your assistant in our room. Ah ha…, uh, Ivor, calm down.”

Elie’s moan came and made my hands tremble.

Fuck. I could not believe they were having sex even though I was here.

Ivor’s heavy breath circled around my ears.

I didn’t dare look towards the bed, because I knew what was going on there, I’d cry if I saw it.

I frantically looked for the document, and when I saw it, I immediately ran out.

I ran to my car, drank a bottle of cold water.

I just saw what I didn’t want to see the most, that Ivor had sex with another girl, even though I tried to dodge it.

I was in pain, but didn’t want to cry again. ‘Cause my tears were meaningless to Ivor.

I opened up the document and checked it to forget it.

I quickly realized I had taken the wrong document. The document I had taken was the secret document of the company’s new project.

I wonder if I should go back to Ivor’s room again.

I knew what would wait for me if I did and I did not have the courage to face it. I sat in the car for over an hour and hoped that when I went back; they were over.

I drank half a bottle of cold water before coming back.

I knocked, but no one opened the door for me.

Were they already asleep?

I was worried; I needed to finish my assignment as soon as possible. The current job was very important to me because I had spent an entire month to get Ivor’s recognition.

The door opened.

The room was dark, with only a night light.

It looked creepy.

I checked the room number. It was actually the hotel room Ivor rented.

“Boss,” I called bewildered. “Miss Jenner. Anyone here?”

I carefully entered the room, its door was immediately closed.

“Ivor, is that you?” I said, my body trembling.

Nobody answered. I turned my head and realized Ivor was staring at me from behind.

Ivor’s gaze was full of anger and fatigue. I could smell the alcohol on his body. He seemed to have poured wine on his body.

“Ivor, are you all right?” I asked.

Ivor suddenly kissed me.

I was surprised and panicked.

What happened? Where was Elie?

Ivor’s hands crossed my waist. I was taken by surprise, slapped him reflexively,

“Ivor, what happened to you, stay awake,” I said.

But Ivor stared at me with a frightening look. He locked my hand with one hand, hugged me and kissed me.

I panicked when I realized my body loved Ivor’s kisses even though it wasn’t very gentle.

I struggled with the instinct of wanting to be embraced by the man I love.

But not that easy.

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