Love Me, My Little Assistant

Love Me, My Little Assistant

By:  Olivia Moriarty  Ongoing
Language: English
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Lia Reyes, 26, was an assistant to difficult CEO Ivor Mitchell. Her job was to find and take care of Ivor's mistresses. She had always done an excellent job. But she always kept one secret from Ivor, that she was in love with him, because Ivor would fire any employee who had romantic feelings for him. Would Lia be able to keep her secret forever? If Ivor found out, what would he do?

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haven't thought about this book until scrolling down my library and it's still not completed...Smh
2023-05-27 09:35:08
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been waiting for an update for a minute and then u came and just did one chapter like seriously...
2023-02-03 02:44:50
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whats going on with the book
2022-11-18 04:17:22
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waiting on updates
2022-08-01 21:02:49
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World of vestige with Manju singh
please upload next 10 chapter of KMMWB please..........
2022-06-04 22:25:54
101 Chapters
Chapter 1: Ivor Is My Crush
“No. Ivor, please. Stop it.” Lia said desperately, trying to push Ivor out. “I love you, Ivor, but please don’t use my love like that.” Ivor did not care about Lia’s plea. He tore Lia’s suit rough, stroking her smooth skin, forcefully giving her hickeys on her collarbones. “No, Ivor. Let me go, please,” Lia could do nothing but beg Ivor and expect him to listen to her. But this is the dumbest thing to do in this case, begging for a drunk. Ivor was not sane enough, he did everything instinctively. “Damn,” Ivor said. But the reason was not that Lia begged him constantly to annoy him, he found those lips were beautiful. He wants to kiss it, feel its sweetness, make it belong to him, forever. “Uh, Ivor, Uh,” Lia was struck surprisedly. Ivor’s tongue probed every corner of her mouth like he was memorizing her taste. “Very sweet,” he thought. As soon as he broke the kiss, Lia slapped him with all her might. “You’re not docile, but that makes me very excited,” Ivor whispered in her
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Chapter 2: Ivor, I want your love
Lia’s voice was so loud that the staff in the distance had to look at her. Lia forced her to calm down. “So, you have made a cuckold out of Ivor. No. You have made a cuckold out of your future husband. Wait, no, no, no, what happened after all?” Lia said.“Be careful with your words. I love my future husband very much and would never cheat on him. I’ll say goodbye to Ivor before I go out with him,” Lahaina said.“Wait, aren’t you getting married?” Lia asked.It was difficult for Lia to understand what Lahaina meant. Lahaina was getting married. But she and her future husband were not even dating. “That’s right, pretty soon, about a month or two after I let him fall in love with me,” Lahaina insisted.“So, you have started no romantic relationships at the moment?” Lia asked. Lahaina nodded, saying, “In tonight’s party, I will become the most shining lady. He will have to pay attention to me and ask for my name.” Lia exclaimed, “You are so confident!”Lahaina paid for a pile of swa
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Chapter 3: Ivor, Your Coffee
After work, Lia went to the mall. She wanted to look beautiful when she came to the company tomorrow. Ivor had strict rules about his subordinates’ attire, so Lia always wore a black office suit every day when working at the company. She’s not stupid and reckless enough to wear a specially designed suit, Ivor would ask her to change as soon as he saw. Lia was more focused on accessories, makeup, and hairstyles. The next day, when Lia appeared at the company, Coco had to say, “Oh, my God! Is this you, Lia?” Coco meticulously observed Lia. She still wore the same black office suit as always, but… “Hey Lia, this is the new Chanel, isn’t it? So exquisite.” “Oh dear, Lia. You wear a necklace? And the bracelet.” “Lia, you didn’t put your hair in a ponytail today, you left it untied. Look at this alluring wavy chestnut hair. You look so sexy.” Coco’s positive comments delighted Lia. She wondered if she could also impress Ivor with her new appearance. She said, “All right, Coco, thank
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Chapter 4: Ivor's New Mistress
Lia’s POV I’m horrified. Just one evening I didn’t go with Ivor, he had a new mistress. Ivor even remembered the girl’s name and found her interesting. “No way,” I said unconsciously. Ivor never remembers his mistress’ name, not even Lahaina. But now he did. Ivor heard, he frowned. He said, “What’s wrong with you?” It startled me. I didn’t want Ivor to get it wrong. I explained, “Nothing, just a little surprised.” Lia immediately probed, “She must be exquisite.” Ivor paused, as if thinking. He said, “Yes, her beauty attracts me. As there was thunder in my mind, I only had the courage to pursue Ivor yesterday, but today a strange girl appeared and caught Ivor’s attention. I walked out of Ivor’s office without telling him anything. I strangled the list I had in my hand. I wanted to cry but my powerful sense prevented me from doing it at the company. I went back to my office, lying on the old sofa, staring blankly at the ceiling. What should I do? Ivor’s announcement was a sla
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Chapter 5: Ivor, My Love
I went to the bar, tried to drink a lot of wine to make myself drunk. Ivor was always very demanding for subordinates, if you show up in front of him in an unconscious state, it would be a bad. So pretty much when I got to drink comfortably, I wanted to make Ivor satisfied. But at that moment I did not care about it all, I’d go crazy if I couldn’t get rid of my frustration.And then I got really drunk, and I couldn’t remember what was going on in particular. I only vaguely remember that, in my hangover, I ran into WC of the bar, called Ivor. When he picked up the phone, I could hear his charming and powerful gasps. I was old enough to understand what he was doing, probably with Elie.I cried out cause of my heartbreak. Ivor told me something, but I was too drunk to understand and remember them. And after waking up, I just realized that I was lying in a soft enormous bed, in an expensive hotel room.And I took my cell phone as a habit, and I panicked when I realized it was over 11: 0
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Chapter 6: Ivor And My Crazy Dream
That night, I had a crazy dream, all caused by Ivor’s seductive gasp. That dream had always haunted me. I dreamt Ivor made love with me. Yeah, we didn’t have sex; we made love. Ivor. In the dream, Ivor was not cold, he kissed my ears, my eyes, my nose and my lips in the most gentle and charming way. He caresses my breasts passionately, one of his hands on my waist, holding it tight.Ivor fucked me forcefully and boldly.My whole body could feel his tenderness and strength. Two conflicting feelings made me dizzy. I moaned happily, but cried with intense pleasure.“Ivor, slow down... I can’t stand it,” I said in tears.Ivor tenderly kissed my cheek and the corner of my eye to comfort me. But he still moved boldly.I kept begging, but in return only gentle kisses and intense pleasure.“Ivor, you bastard… You’re a liar Ah ha.. shit,” I scolded him, scratching his back.Ivor laughed delightfully. When I heard his laughter, I realized he was teasing me. I wanted to break away from his embr
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Chapter 7: Ivor Gave Me A Week Off
The loud voice coming from behind me startled me. When I turned my head, I saw Ivor. He looked at me with an angry look.“What have you been doing all morning?” He asked.And I realized I had been sneaking up to Elie without Ivor’s permission. I bowed, hesitating at Ivor’s question.Suddenly Ivor came in, grabbed my chin, forced me to raise my head and look at him.“Did you cry?” He asked.And damn it, at that moment, I felt sorry for myself. I pursed my lips tightly, my eyes were filling up with tears, not answering him.Ivor let go of my chin, sighing.“Go back to the company as soon as you can,” he said, then left.“A man..” I called after him. “A man made me cry, I cried for him.”My tears flowed out again, I could not control it. The people in the restaurant were also paying attention to us.I could not see Ivor’s expression because tears blurred my vision.When I stopped crying, he left a long time ago.I used the paper the server gave me to wipe away my tears.Suddenly I felt s
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Chapter 8: Ivor's Scent Made Me Feel Good
The day I returned to the company, I picked up a tight black suit that I bought two days ago. I added a gold chain belt to set off my small waist, red lipstick, a wispy updo hairstyle, two buttons undone. Coco was amused by my new look. I also received many compliments from my colleagues. That was a good sign until I got in contact with Ivor. He did not seem to mind if he saw me. I was not mistaken; he looked at me for two seconds when I brought him his coffee. His gaze was only to determine who brought him the coffee. However, I did not give up. I changed my appearance every day. Even Coco had to say, “Oh, my God, the company is like your show now.” My male colleagues also paid more attention to me. For them, I was no longer a serious and boring girl; I became charming and fashionable. They actively talked to me during the break, invited me to dinner. I also received invitations to meet strange men, even Ivor’s partners. But Ivor was the apple of my eyes, so I rejected all the o
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Chapter 9: Love For Ivor
Maybe being like Elie really worked.Right. I could not deny that I tried to be like Elie after that crazy dream.It was obviously just a dream.Things seemed smoother, I felt my relationship with Ivor was better; my male colleagues did not bother me. I also heard that Mr. Johnson, the man who sexually harassed me, was charged with a series of tax evasion and money laundering charges. More particularly, Ivor was less with Elie at night because he became busy solving a few personal problems, although I was not well aware of the problem he was having.One day, Ivor needed to go to an elite party, and I was with him as his assistant.Ivor was interested in a server at the party. As always, he gestured to me about the girls he wanted, and jealousy took over my mind.I ignored his request. I made excuses to leave the conversation with his partner and secretly met that server at the liquor store.As soon as I looked at her closely, I realized she had many of the same characteristics as Elie.
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Chapter 10: Elie Cheated On Ivor, Right?
But I couldn’t stop it.I realized that as soon as everything was out of my control. Over the next few days, I took the time to make Ivor’s mistress angry at his heartlessness.In fact, every week, I always had to give gifts to his mistresses in the name of Ivor. But I decided to stop it because I was jealous that they were his mistresses, that Ivor canoodled them, which I had never achieved.Ivor didn’t notice this, because he was too busy with his work and he trusted me.I had used to do everything for the sake of his trust, and now I’m afraid of losing it.But I was satisfied.Fear and joy tormented me at the same time.I tried to hide my jealousy and become professional so that Ivor would not doubt me and our relationship was improved.And it worked.Ivor let me go with him to the villa where Elie was living instead of Romeo.Once, when I went to the villa with Ivor, I overheard Elie’s phone conversation.“You know, things will get better, my love. I’m looking forward to coming bac
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