Chapter 29


It is evening now and we just finished the extra-pointless-shopping session which Melissa named it as ‘Pre-Wedding Depression’ and it was not true that I was fearing my wedding, it was just that man who seemed like a warning to me and I didn’t wish to see anything triggering to me in this current phase. I don’t want anything bad to happen during this significant period. I hope everything passes as quickly as possible. The moment I’ll repeat the vows and be declared as his wife that would be the moment of my heart at ease.

Coming back to reality, we are in the car and currently heading towards home. I thought we were going home after my absurd behaviour but it turned out to be a reason for shopping more. Anyways, at least it is over now and also, it helped my mood a little.

My fingers hit the button ‘send’ as I texted Nathan if he’s at home already or still with his friends.

We are only a few miles away from Mel’s place, dropping her off there then I’ll be alone and all to mysel
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