She’s missing

Chapter 43

Then she moved towards the side of the bridge and stared at the river below.

“This is your chance Lisa end everything once and for all” a part of Lisa said

“No Lisa don’t do this” another said

“Lisa, you know this is what you wanted all this while jump off the bridge”

She inhaled sharply and stood at the bridge. She closed her eyes and jumped off the bridge.




Meanwhile, Alfred is seen at home making preparations for Lisa’s home coming when his cell phone rings.

It was Andrew. He had sent him to go bring Lisa from the hospital and now he’s calling. Maybe he’s calling to know if he’s done.

He quickly answered the phone call.

“Andrew, are you on your way?” He asked in a joyful tone.

Andrew could sense the happiness in his voice that Lisa was coming home. He couldn’t remember the last time Alfred was this happy and now he’s gonna break the news to him. This was going to shatter him completely.

“Sir, should we also put the
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