His Ex

Chapter 44

But Andrew, you know I am really sorry. I was ready to be a good man, make Ahmed for my mistakes. I was ready to change for the better, for her and the babies. I was ready to do anything Andrew. Why would she do this to me now” Alfred said as tears slid down his cheeks.

Andrew sat beside him and hugged him tightly.

“I know Alfred and we are going to find her. I promise “ Andrew said in a reassuring tone.

Just then Andrew heard his phone rings. He quickly answered the phone call.

“Sir we found something “

“Ok I’ll be there in a jiffy” Andrew said and quickly ended the call.

“What happened?” Alfred asked

“Common let’s go, it’s about Lisa” Andrew said and Alfred nodded in response.


Alfred, Andrew , the commissioner of police and some other parties are seen standing on the bridge looking around.

“Sir, the last place she was seen was here and according to an eye witness . She jumped off the bridge. She committed sucide” The police said and Andrew swallowed ha
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