She still love him

Chapter 212

“Lisa” Alfred called, jolting her out of her thoughts.

“I didn’t know you were still flirting in the hospital bed. How many nurses have you slept with here?” Lisa asked, obviously jealousy washing all over her veins.

“Whatever you see, it isn’t what you think. We were just talking” Alfred sighed

“Who is she?” Lisa asked

“Rhoda, my ex” Alfred said

“Oh wow. I thought she was dead” Lisa said

“Same here” Alfred responded

“I never knew people were starting to rise from the dead. I’m not surprised “ Lisa said and Alfred exhaled deeply.

“How are you feeling?” Lisa asked

“I’m feeling better now that you are here with me,” Alfred said and tried sitting up properly on the bed but Lisa held him.

“No, you should be resting, alright, “ Lisa said and Alfred smiled at her.

“What happened? Daniel told me Andrew shot you” Lisa said

“Yeah? And he’s dead” Alfred said as sadness swept through him.

“Why are you sad? You should be happy he’s gone and everything is over” Lisa said and Alfred
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