Chapter 95


There was one more thing I had planned for us for the day, that Chastity didn’t know about. I had worked out the details with Jax, Ross, and Colby. It wasn’t anything big really, but I knew it would be important to Chastity. It concerned Lilac. Lilac was such an important part of Chastity’s life. Leila also adored the cat, and I knew that they spent time outside together. I needed to be sure that Duke would treat the cat right so he could be out with Leila when she was with Lilac.

Jax, Ross, Colby, and I agreed to do the introduction in the pack house living room because it was the biggest space in the house. As much as I didn’t want to do it indoors, I knew I had to. It was too much of a risk of Lilac running off if we were outside. After dinner all of us males went into the living room to move the furniture out of the way. We sent the females off to get Lilac. As we were moving things, dad, Dimitri, and uncle Peter asked what was happening, and offered to he
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Derena Marie
Great chapter..
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Petagay Thompson
wow getting braver I see. but she nees to be more aware of sex... love that she is opening up thou
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Petagay Thompson
duke is funny as hell

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