Chapter 96


The next morning I woke up wrapped in Rowen’s arms. As soon as I remembered the night before I got very embarrassed, and blushed. I couldn’t believe I did that. I couldn’t believe I let him do that to me. I had to admit that it felt good though. That thought made me blush even harder. I didn’t know what was wrong with me.

I quickly slipped out of bed, grabbed clothes, and rushed to the bathroom. I didn’t know what I had been thinking when I didn’t stop him. It didn’t feel wrong, and he seemed to enjoy it, but I just didn’t know.

“He did enjoy it, and you did too. Stop over thinking it.” Leila giggled at me.

“But….” I stammered.

“Chastity, everyone keeps telling you that anything sexual between you, and mate is normal."

"He’s going to expect sex now, and I’m just not ready. I’m sending him mixed signals.”

“He’s not going to expect more than you’re willing to give Chastity.”

“How do you know that?”

“Did you stop him when he tried anything more than wh
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Derena Marie
I absolutely love the open communication. She definitely got lucky
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Petagay Thompson
tell your man you love him girl...

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