Don't mind what they say

David didn't care about the eyes around him, he took Ella's hand and led him to a quiet, luxury room. 

Ella was overwhelmed when she saw the menu. The food is very expensive, even more, expensive than the salary she gets for a month.

Looking at her expression, David understood what she was worried about. He lowered his voice. "Never mind the price. I'll be the one to pay."

Ella chooses the cheapest item on the menu. Wait for the waiter to leave, she said. "This is not a matter of who pays, but a matter of savings. Just a breakfast for a few hundred thousand, I feel a bit wasteful. Next time I will take you to a popular restaurant with reasonable prices. The quality is not inferior to the dishes in the restaurant." 

"You intrigued me. I'd love to know where that is." David smiled as he spoke.

"I will lead you to the future." Ella said.

The waiters bring the food. They ate and talked.

After eating, they went to the company. Today is Ella's first day working at D&A corporation. She couldn't help but feel nervous and stressed. 

As David and Ella entered the main hall, reporters rushed in, pointed cameras at the two of them, and asked a series of questions.

I don't know who spread the news, information about David's marriage spread, creating a huge wave, even on social networking forums, there were articles on this topic. That created a shock in the whole city X. However, they did not know this marriage was just a contract.

To David, this was nothing new. He's used to being surrounded by reporters. But with Ella it was different, she was just an ordinary and overshadowed girl. She was a little scared when dozens of cameras were pointed at her. David squeezed her hand, which calmed her down a bit.

"I heard you registered your marriage, so this girl is your wife?"

"When are you holding the wedding ceremony?"

"I thought you'd marry the rich lady Jenny or the movie actress Sita. This girl... we've never met."

"Is this... is this the type of person you want to marry?"

David was serious. "If you already know, why ask me? Who am I married to, rich or poor, beautiful or ugly, that's my business? It has nothing to do with you."

Only a brief answer from David quelled reporters' questions. They could only stare blankly at him and Ella walking away. But they still don't give up easily, because this is their job. They make a living selling celebrity news to newsrooms. David is one of the most influential celebrities in the business world. The fact that he is married is a piece of valuable news. Although they did not know the authenticity of the story, they still wrote the article, in their mind.

As David and Ella stepped out of the elevator, they heard a male voice. "Hello, David. You got married quietly without telling me."

David and Ella turned their heads. A neatly dressed man approached them.

"Because it was too urgent, I didn't tell you." David smiled wryly.

The man looked at Ella passionately, reaching out his hand to shake hands with her. "Hi, I'm Raymond, director of human resources. Nice to meet you."

Ella shook his hand, speaking in a polite voice. "Hello. My name is Ella."

Raymon looked at Ella longingly. She was slightly annoyed and wanted to pull her hand away but couldn't.

David covered his mouth with his hand and coughed a few times.

Raymond woke up, letting go of Ella's hand. He said in an apologetic voice. "Sorry. If you need my help, I'm happy."

Ella just nodded, avoiding Raymond's gaze. Although Ella is a poor girl, she is also beautiful and cute. Raymond couldn't help but feel his heart flutter. With such a young and beautiful girl, it would be a waste to ignore it. He planned to flirt with Ella, no matter whether she was already a married woman.

But Raymond didn't get a chance to approach Ella because she was always with David.

More than half of the female employees in the company look at Ella with half their eyes, just because she is their boss's wife.

Ella's peaceful life is disturbed and she suddenly becomes famous thanks to the status of the billionaire's wife.

The news that David married an ordinary girl was published all over the newspapers and magazines. Of course, there are many conflicting opinions. Some people think it's David's private business, they shouldn't interfere. Others said that he was blind, so he chose a girl dressed in sleazy, country clothes. Others say Ella wants to be the daughter-in-law of Anthony's family with the purpose of taking over the fortune. Whatever the opinion, those comments affected Ella. She didn't know how to respond.

David encourages her. "Never mind what they say. After a while, things will sink in."

Sophie found out about Ella and told Mr. Emma knows. "Ella initially lived with her father in a run-down motel, but then they moved into a luxury apartment."

"What?" Mrs. Emma shouted. "How did she get the money to buy the apartment?"

"It's… Young Master David bought it for her." Sophie hesitated for a moment, then spoke.

Mrs. Emma went mad, her tone angry. "What a shame. Anthony's family is a prestigious family in the city X, yet David married a poor girl and even bought her an apartment. How could this happen?"

"I think... that's love." Sophie said sternly.

"David needs to marry a girl of social status."

"Okay, Emma." Mr. Harry suddenly spoke up. "They're married anyway, you should accept that instead of getting angry."

"Our family will lose face, father."

"It doesn't matter, as long as David and Ella truly love each other."

Mrs. Emma didn't say any more, but the look on her face showed that she was still displeased.

After dinner, the family went to the living room to eat dessert and chat. David and his father are discussing business matters. Mrs. Emma and Sophie talk about fashion between two women. Ella sat in a corner on the sofa, looking lonely. Rika came from behind. "Hi, I'm Rika. Since I was little, I've wanted an older sister, but my mother gave me an older brother."

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