chapter 27: Royal castle

Wearing a cape, Ariel walked around the pack in search of Hera so she can show her the person who can help her out if the pack.

She saw some group of kids playing around and walked up to them.

" Hi kids!" She wave at them with a smile on her face trying not to scare them away.

" Stop calling us kids and how can we help you?" One of the boys with red hair asked rudely and Ariel just smiled faintly at him.

' how can I get angry with a kid like him? ' she thought to herself.

" I'm looking for Hera. Do you know where she is?" Ariel asked as she bent down to their heights.

" Do we look like someone who's friends with Hera?" The red haired boy asked rudely again and Ariel sigh out of disappointment.

" Hera is down there. Just walk straight and turn left. You will find her training there" One of the boy who seemed to be fond of Hera said with Sparks in his eyes.

" Thanks kiddo" Ariel replied as she walked towards and ruffle his hair with a warm smile on her face before walking to the directi
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