The truth is revealed


Gavin's pov

Eleanor looked scared but I'd say she looked more terrified than scared. She seemed to be panicking after I told her all that had happened to Jett at the gym while we were training until he fell and went unconscious.

"I really hope he's okay, I'm so scared. I feel like I caused this'' she said while grabbing her fingers and wrinkling them tightly in her grip. She was definitely panicking and I had to do something to calm her down.

I took her hand so she'd stop fidgeting and it made her look at me. She looked like she was about to cry and her eyes were full of so much fear. It was either she was shit scared for Jett or she already cared about him that much. Well, we were only going to figure that out if we succeeded in waking him up.

"Look none of this is your fault, you weren't even there when he fell and blacked out so you shouldn't blame yourself okay," I told her and she reluctantly nodded. I smiled and patted her head then brought her closet and hugge
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