A Dangerous Man

*Night Scars Pack*

She had been in great shock that she could only stare for a while. Aiden was acting really strange and she had a very bad feeling about the way he was acting even when she could not tell why.

Davina was up on her feet too and was watching the two men in fear. Her lips were quivering as she watched them. She knew of her mate's foul temper and she feared what he would do to Aiden.

"Someone needs to put this street dog in his rightful place. Just because the alpha treats you nice, that doesn't mean you belong here." Kunata sneered.

"I'm warning you. Don't touch me again, Kunata!" Aiden was trying so hard not to lose it. He was already furious hearing that the alpha had decided to surrender and he felt betrayed that she would decide that after he had told her he was willing to fight with her.

He knew this was one of her paranoid schemes of protecting him but was he a child that needed to be protected? He should be the one protecting her and not her doing so. He knew h
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