A lover's Jealousy

*Blood Moon pack*

Silence reigned for a few seconds before Alpha Velvet zoomed out of her shock.

"What?" She yelled, her face pale and her lips widely parted. Of course, she knew who Adelia was and her heart was pounding heavily in her chest as she tried to process the reason Adelia would come all the way to see Aiden.

Aiden, on the other hand, was stunned at the news and all he could do was stare with his eyes wide. Various thoughts were coming into his head as he wondered why Adelia had come to see him.

Did she have any news about her brother? Though she hated him and rejected him, she might want to help him out with some useful tips since she had never really liked her brother. Perhaps, she had heard the news about his attack and wanted to help him out.

That was the only reasonable reason Aiden could come up with about Adelia's visit. There was no way she had come all the way just because she wanted to see his face. She had said it before: She wished she never knew him and she w
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