Chapter 18

Scarlett couldn't keep staring at Griffin from her sunbed. He washed his new bike with a hose while only wearing a pair of boxer briefs. They sat snuggly around his tight ass, showing off that juicy roundness.


The man had a bigger butt than some women, including herself. And while Scarlett was more for abs and biceps, there wasn't any lack in those departments either—Griffin was blown huge everywhere.

Heat shoot between her legs.

It made Scarlett squirm on the mattress, and she fanned herself with the pocketbook she was supposed to be reading. It was a romantic billionaire novel, but somehow the man in front of her was more interesting than the fictional boyfriends she liked to read about.

Scarlett sighed. Too bad Griffin was forbidden fruit.

"Is the book good?"

"Uhh..." Scarlett blushed. "Very."

"Is that why you're fanning yourself with it?"

Oh, the man was laughing at her. The sound wasn't there, but that damn smile was unmistakable. Griffin, beyond amused, was turne
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