Chapter 25

Sebastian carried the gothic girl over to his bed. She wasn't sleeping but happily grinning up into his face. It was a bit creepy, but strangely enough, he didn't hate the attention.

"You're like... Super pretty," Lucy said and felt his beard. A giggle left her lips as she stroked him. "And hot."

Sebastian stifled a laugh. "And you're like... Super drunk."

"I'm not that drunk!"

"You're petting a stranger and calling him pretty—you're definitely wasted and need a good rest."

"No! Lucy doesn't wanna sleep... She wanna dance..."

Sebastian stared down at the crazy woman in disbelief. "Do you even realize how dangerous it would be if you behaved like this with any other man on the street? You would get thrown over their shoulder and voilà, kidnapped."

"I can fight."

Those words actually earned a laugh from Sebastian.

"Honey, you're like what, five-foot-five and probably weight like a little more than a hundred pounds? You're underweight and the perfect size to kidnap off the street
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