Chapter 28

The hospital was stale and boring, with machines blipping in every room. Scarlett knew she probably shouldn't have come here, but she needed to see Jake, or she wouldn't believe he was actually here.

Lucy had said he was severely injured.

Was that true?

Well, she was about to find out.

Her eyes traveled through a window, and her breathing seized when she saw Jake unconscious in a hospital bed. Her ex-boyfriend was in terrible shape, yet her heart didn't hold any grief for him.

Was it terrible for her to think that?

Jake had sent her to the hospital himself, kicked her multiple times, and fractured her bones. The only reason he hadn't stopped hurting her was that Jake had deemed Scarlett dead.

He had left her to die on that hill. Scarlett was confident of this and swallowed thickly. There were a lot of reasons to hate Jake. He was the reason behind her heavy daily medications and why she no longer trusted strangers or any new person she met.

Her nightmares were sweaty, and the PTSD so
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