71- Ten More Days!

"Just ten more days. Then you will be walking and running on the grounds." The doctor was there to check my heartbeat and blood pressure.

"When can she start walking?" King Noah asked him. He came this evening after visiting Talia.

After my verbal judo with Kiara, I spent the rest of the day getting physiotherapy. Goddess knew throughout the day, how much I missed the King.

"My lord. She can start using a walker from tomorrow morning." I took a sigh of relief when he gave me the go ahead. Lying on the bed for so many days was making me tired. I kept feeling like I had been wasting time instead of doing something productive.

"But you don't need to exert pressure on your joints. Keeping a wheelchair nearby would be a good option."

After the checkup when the doctor left the room, King Noah sat on the edge of the hospital bed and started unbuttoning his shirt.

For a moment...

Just for a moment, I thought what if we had met under different circumstances? Before meeting Romeo. Before welcom
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Three sixty degree turn cause I can't deal with the one eighty on top of all the other drama!!!
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lolzz Thea. Don't. Sandra is right. Trust the writer. Its a beautiful story hun.
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No please. Writer is only making us curious. Stay! We all are equally suspicious. Let's stick together.

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