"What happened!"

"Would you shut it with the questions and heal me already!"

The other figure dropped to one knee and rolled up sleeves of his robe. He began a familiar incarnation.

"I call to you great presence. Heed to my orison and grant me your unfathomable power! For we serve you oh great link, our path to Tomasa!"

The gush of wind and an orange halo ring appeared as usual. The injured figure took his time before getting up.

"What happened?!" the spell caster asked.

"Well it seems your plan was not that fool proof!"

"It wasn't my plan it was the administrators'. And he accounted for everything."

"Well he didn't account for me getting hurt!"

"But that's why I gave you two miracles, one to leave behind for Martha and another for yourself in case you got hurt!"

"Yeah that was the initial plan, until circumstances arose that weren't planned for!"

"... Which ones?"

"Tulip! She's still alive!"

There was a brief moment of silence before he continued his speech.

"Tulip? You mean lady Mel
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