As the blue rings circulated his forearm Alvatrone intervened and pulled it back down.

“No, not this time. I want this to be more entertaining. Kill them with your bare hands!”

Daito obeyed. The blue rings faded away and he slowly began charging towards the crowd. Alvatrone stayed behind to watch. As he descended the slope, gravity accelerated his locomotion. He took flight a few feet close to the charging group, cutting across the atmosphere with a flaring dropkick. The guards put up a barrier of shields but he just charged through it, breaking the wooden shields like they were pieces of paper.

The absolute force of the impact discarded the back row of the line of defense like rag dolls, they tumbled across the ground licking grass and covering their bodies with a fresh blanket of mud. Those that we're able to recover from the first blow did so, charging towards Daito with their spearheads and sword tips pointed at him. The first to engage swung his blade momentously, aiming for his
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