Living With Six Demon (Supernatural Series #1)

Living With Six Demon (Supernatural Series #1)

By:  Roxas_KingdomHearts  Completed
Language: English
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(COMPLETED)Alexis De Luca can't remember anything in her past. All she knows is that she lives in the streets alone, and nowhere to go when she was very young.Later in life, adopted by a married couple and took care of her. Although by the age of 21, her adopted parents became broke and weren't able to provide for her studies any longer.To cope with the financial losses, her adopted parents decided for Alexis to apply for the particular house they've seen hiring for a live-in house maid position, at least until she graduated.What would she do when strange things started happening, within the house she started living in?Would she be able to remember everything? Will she be safe?PS. Don't be afraid to criticize my work. I want to know your comments about my work for me to improve more. Thank you.Date Created: May 7, 2020

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This is an interesting story to read indeed, for a visual minded person like me. The narration inside this books based on the most basic indications of what's happening around, similar to those in comic books. But I tell you the story is interesting Keep up the great work author! (。・ω・。)ノ♡
2021-05-12 15:08:35
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Roy Platon
Thank you Goodnovel for publishing this book. Congratulations!
2020-12-26 19:57:09
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Shay Sandefur
the premise is interesting but the weird narration then switch to first person point of view with past/present verb disagreement makes me lose interest. lots of editing to be done.
2020-12-04 01:22:00
60 Chapters
PROLOGUE.I am sitting on my bed. I'm afraid on the things might happen outside this room. I fear all the things that I know now.I want to stop this madness...
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Chapter 1.
CHAPTER 1.Alexis is here in the living room of their home while studying because she has a quiz tomorrow. She should study this for her to have a passing grade.She's al
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Chapter 2.
CHAPTER 2.Alexis arrived in front of a big mansion. She just followed the address that was written on the card that was given by her mom.She's staring at the mansion because she feels like it is a castle than a house. From her place, the mansion isn't a house but a castle.She took a deep breath first before knocking on the gate three times when she saw the doorbell on the side. She sighed then scr
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Chapter 3.
CHAPTER 3.Alexis woke up in an unfamiliar room and she sat up on the bed. This is not the room wherein she was in a while ago. She looks around and this room has a princess theme.Where am I? how did I get in here without me knowing? Who took me here? Alexis asked at the back of her mind."I'm happy to see you..." Alexis looked around when she heard a voice of a woman but she d
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Chapter 4.
CHAPTER 4.When Acario and the others arrived inside his room he threw Aitan on the wall because of anger for what he done to Alexis."How many times should I tell you to leave her alone first?!" Acario asked and walk towards Aitan and grabbed him by his shirt."What were you thinking?!" Acario punched Aitan on his face and he sat down on the floor. Aitan wiped his lips.
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Chapter 5.
CHAPTER 5.Ares found Alric inside his laboratory downstairs doing some herbal medicines before going to their hospital."Alric!" Alric looked at him and Ares stopped from running and he's catching his breath. He sat down beside him."Something wrong? Did something happen? Did you lose one of your books?" Alric asked him.
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Chapter 6.
CHAPTER 6.Alexis is now eating the mangoes that Aitan get for her. She loves these mangoes because they are now ripe and sweet. She's eating them happily while Aitan is watching her silently."This will be more delicious if I have a bagoong dip." Alexis commented while eating the mango."Do you want one?" She asked him and gave him a mango. He shook his head sideways then just cont
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Chapter 7.
CHAPTER 7.Alexis woke up and she saw that she's back into her room. She sat down on the bed and look around. She looked back to the mirror and the lady that she saw is no longer there.She held her forehead because of what the woman said. She doesn't want to tell her the truth because she doesn't want to trigger the real her...But what does she meant by 'real me'? Is there something that I don'
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Chapter 8.
CHAPTER 8.Alric went to Alexis' room to check upon her again when he saw her not laying properly on the bed. He went towards her then he saw that she passed out again.He immediately carried her to lay her down properly on her bed. He put the blanket over her then sighed."She passed out again. I wish that she won't be scared because of this or I wish that she's not going to think that this hous
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Chapter 9.
CHAPTER 9.Alexis and Aitan are still drinking teas silently when Ares went inside Alexis' room. He smiled then sat down on the sofa."How are you, Alexis? I heard that you passed out again." Ares asked. "I'm fine. I only need some rest." She answered.
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