As they were leaving the diner, one courageous waiter ran up to them, carrying a pen and a sheet of paper.

"Excuse me, sir!" said the waiter "but the bill..."

The filthy-booted knight turned his head to look the waiter in the eyes. When the waiter got a glance of the pig wrestler's awkwardly constructed face gazing dead into his irises, he staggered aside.

The knight repeated his trademark maneuver, catching the weak waiter's collar as he went about his business. Drops of spit followed each word he spewed, flying out of his mouth and pouring down on the poor waiter's forehead.

"You may be a newcomer, so pay attention, chicken face. We are the Independent States Knights. Our job is to protect your wretched lives, and the very least you can do for us is feed us. So let me be clear about something... If you show me that dumb pen and paper the next time I come here, I'll shove them so far into your face that your..."

Alicia's line of sight was abruptly blocked by the green tea guy. He was
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