Blood Moon Princess

Blood Moon Princess

By:  K. C. Blossom  Ongoing
Language: English
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As an ordinary wolf-girl, Scarlett Black is turning 17 the only thing she was worrying about was boys, friends and coming closer to her wolf awakening. Little did she know the next few years would change her life forever.

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43 Chapters
The News
  Sitting in the bay window of my room, watching my two youngest brothers practicing their training moves. Pulling myself from my daydream and getting up to go back to my laptop to finish the english homework that I had been putting off for two days. After half an hour of trying to type out the jumble of words in my head, my mom mind-linked me. “Honey, dinners ready. Come down and eat with everyone dad has something to tell everyone.” She said.“Coming mom be there in a minute” I mind-linked back. Heading down the four flights of stairs to the large kitchen, dining open area o
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Party Prep
  The pack house was crazy with activity for tonight. My older brothers just sitting watching everyone running around.“Hey, Scar how was school?” Chris asked me with a smirk. “Fine, how was your first day of freedom?” I replied with a smile of my own. The twins turned 18 meaning they don’t need to go to school anymore. “Are you actually going to sit there and not help?” I asked. “Well on your 18t
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Twin's Party
  Something heavy hung in the air as Lily and I got dressed for the party. We hadn’t talked about what happened. As Lily was putting my dark red hair up into a half bun our eyes met in the mirror. She chuckled while turning a bright red color. “So I guess you’re wondering what happened?” She asked me. I remained stoned faced while still cringing on the inside. “Are you two mates? Or has this been happening for awhile?” I asked. “No it just happened. When we got to the pack house I thought I felt something. When we split up I
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An Invitation
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New Alpha
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Sapphire City
 Chris fit as Alpha just like he was destined to the only problem was it had been 3 months since his 18th birthday and he had not found his mate yet. After becoming Alpha our neighboring packs had begun to invite him to meetings and events in hopes that he might be mated to one of their daughters. He had visited ten packs and had yet to find his mate. “Don’t worry darling.” Moms voice soft and calming. “You will find your mate. For some it takes time. You will find our new Luna in no time. Just relax and focus on the pack.” Chris nodded and hugged mom but I could feel his stress across the room. “Your mother’s right.” Dad chimed in. “Your mom and I got lucky finding e
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The Palace
  After a day of trying on elegant gowns and shoes, giggling and gushing over each other like old times. Lily and I look at the guys and they look so bored I actually felt a little sorry for them. During our first set of dresses I noticed that Lily was sporting my brothers’ mark. It was something actually very beautiful it was a crescent moon with 5 stars around it. “The stars are the number of pup’s we are supposed to have.” Lily said with a twinkle in her eye. I smiled at her knowing we had always talked about our love for children and Lily had wanted them for as long as I had known her. Heading towards lunch as our stomach’s growled. After lunch Lily and I were discussing shoes to go with our new dresses and the boys looked li
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The Ceremony
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A Future Queen
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