Unforseen Freedom and Oppulence

Unforseen Freedom and Oppulence

By:  Sam France  Ongoing
Language: English
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Samantha "Sammy" Jacobs is a smart, witty, beautiful 22 year old struggling bartender in a small town in South Carolina, when a chance encounter one night brings about unfathomable wealth and opportunities to become the kind of humanitarian she could only dream of, but to get to that point she must encounter multiple hurdles along the way.

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6 Chapters
"Hey Sam, can we grab another round?" says Luke with a shy, playful smile on his face. It's a typical Friday night in Rigley, South Carolina in the bar at "Thompson's Cattle House: Feed and Drink" where Samantha "Sammy" Jacobs has been tending bar for just over a year now. Sammy is dressed in black slacks, with a black long sleeve button down shirt with the sleeves rolled up, the typical bartender uniform. She has dirty blonde hair that flows halfway down her back accompanied by ocean blue eyes that you could lose yourself in. She stands 5 foot 7 inches tall and has an impeccable body. She has a slim, fit figure with curves in all the right places. She wears very little makeup, but with her natural beauty, the little she wears isn't even needed. She could easily be on the front page of a magazine or an InstaChat model overnight, but she is from a modest, humble upbringing and really doesn't like all the attention that her looks bring to her. With that being said there isn't a
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Chapter 02
Sammy walks across the back parking lot of Thompson's while heading to her old, beat up pickup truck she refers to as "Chucky" . Just as Sammy is unlocking the door to her truck, out of the corner of her eye, she catches a glimpse of something bright in the sky. She quickly looks to the sky for a better look just in time to notice a quick flash darting across the horizon. The light appeared just as quick as it was gone, so Sammy was unable to actually ascertain what she had just seen other than some sort of weird light in the sky that seemed to blueish in color. Sammy quickly thinks to herself as she opens her truck door.... "What in the hell was that, a shooting star? Maybe I should make a wish then?" Sammy thinks a few more seconds and decides to go ahead and make a wish. "Hey, what can it hurt, right?" Sammy says to herself, closes her eyes and continues "Here goes, I wish to make it out of Rigley one day and travel the world... I know there's so much more to see!" Sammy finishes
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"BBZZZ...BBZZZ" "BBZZZ...BBZZZ" Sammy wakes up abruptly to her alarm clock buzzing. As she rubs her eyes she lazily turns over to see in bright red: 8:00 A.M. on her alarm clock. She thinks to herself briefly "This hangover is going to kill me today at work...My head is pounding... I don't even remember getting home last night...Did I really drink that much last night? I cound't have!" Sammy grabs her phone off her nightstand to see a few unread text messages in her notifications. 2:17 a.m. Message received from Kate: 'Hey Sam, just got home... Nite!' 2:19 a.m. Message received from Jenny: 'Goodnite Sam.. Had fun 2nite. Bet you're sleeping good after your ride on Bully lol' Sammy suddenly remembers the night bfore at "BC" and begins blushing slightly as she recalls the "reaction" she had while riding "Bully." Sammy shakes it off and quickly responds back to Kate and Jenny, knowing they're probably still sleeping, apologzing for not answering their texts last night. Sammy gla
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As Sammy heads out the front door she waves to her parents in the living room watching TV and says to them sincerely "Goodnight Mom and Dad.. I'll be home later tonight" "Ok Sam.. be careful and have fun! We love you!" Sammy's mom answers back seriously while giving Sammy a slight wave. Sammy heads out of the house towards the adjacent garage to retrieve one of the family's 4 wheelers. Once in the garage, Sammy opens the old wooden cabinet on the wall and grabs the keys to her favorite quad hits the button to open the garage door. Sammy cranks up the quad and quickly closes the garage door behind her. Sammy begins the short drive across her family's ranch towards the Grant property while she catches her herself glancing toward the sky thinking to herself, "The sky is gorgeous tonigh! I can't recall a night so beautiful. So clear and full of stars!" She can easily point out the North Star along with the Big Dipper in the sky tonight, while the full moon is illuminating the sk
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Sammy is in an almost state of shock with what she is witnessing under the big Oak that she had just received instructions on where to find. Sammy's screams quickly dissipate as her body continues to tremble with fear, while her heart is beating so fast and hard that it feels like it is going to shoot right out of her chest. Sammy takes a couple deep breaths at an attempt to regain some sort of composure and is finally able to look on at the horrific sight in front of her. Sammy grabs her cell phone to call Luke to inform him about what she's found, but quickly rethinks that decision due to wanting to gain more insight on what is actually going on here first. Filled with fear, Sammy climbs off her quad and slowly begins to inch closer to see if her eyes are playing tricks on her with the shadows of the big Oak in the dark night or if she's really seeing what she thinks she is. Sammy's eyes begin to finally start to adjust some to the darkness outisde combined with the inadequate
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Within a few seconds of Sammy blacking out again, she slowly starts to regain consciousness when a feeling of her floating suddenly encompasses her body. Sammy sluggishly opens her eyes, only to realize that the floating feeling wasn't just a feeling, but she is actually suspended mid air at what looks to be a couple hundred feet above the ground, while still encompassed within the brightness of the mysterious light. Unlike before, the brightness of the light is much more bearable to Sammy much like a warm day in the sun. The brightness doesn't seem to have dimmed at all, but it is no longer causing her any kind of pain. Sammy attempts to examine her surroundings as she rises to a greater and greater height, she can't help but to feel a sense of comfort and ease over herself, rather than the fear she knows she should be exhibiitng. Sammy moves her head upward to look above her current position hoping to determine an end point to this floating as she is instaneously shocked at the
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