They were correct copies of each other, and their eyes, whereas being of inverse sexual orientations, were strikingly comparative. He might tell this was Jrue's sister right away. He drawn nearer the position of royalty and fixed the ties that held his robe in bind behind his back. The holy people ran to him and gotten it when it dropped to the ground, anticipating it from touching the floor. As he observed Jrue drag Lora to him, he sat within the center of the position of authority,


Tyndale entered the castle, his gaze drawn to the magnificent art of architecture. He walked through the throne chamber, the tips of his fingertips scraping against the banquet table in the room's center. Charger, Raider, and Lancer, the three saints, trailed behind.

Jrue Deryleen, his lieutenant, emerged from one end of the room as he approached the throne. He was wielding his dual blades, which he had wrapped around Lora's neck. He drew her closer to the dictator.

Tyndale looked at the tw
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