SUBTITLE; A Night to remember.

Xavier Williams was a name feared by everyone for he willed tremendous amount of power, he could destroy any family within a span of 24 hours without breaking a sweat.

"Is everything ready?" He asked with a calm expression as he stared at his system with a straight face.

"Yes boss should I implement plan B?" Ofcourse his secretary was itching for action.

He knew his boss was a sensitive tickling bomb and would go off at the slightest provocation.

"Relax Godvric let them run around like headless chickens and then you can drop it on them." His eyes never left his laptop as talked so casually about it.

"Right away boss."he bow slightly and exit the boss's office while typing on his tablet.

Once he was gone, Xavier typed a few things and the laptop immediately turned black and a series of green codes began flowing on the screen.

And typed a few different words and another different code appeared on the screen. He smirked coldly and crack
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