Chapter Twenty-Five: Get Out!

Chapter Twenty-Five: Get Out!

Kiara, at age nine

Jayden POV:

"King Jayden, I'm sorry if you thought I was ignoring you; I felt as if you were upset, so I asked King Kayden to let me ride your wolf. Your both my friends, and I always treat everyone fairly." Said my little Kiara from the top of my back.

Her adorable words made my wolf, and I fell more deeply in love with her. She was perfect! There wasn't a thing I wouldn't do that she asked of me, even if I meant to watch every Disney movie out there she was obsessed with. I didn't expect someone her age and intelligence to be so fond of such a thing, but it gave her a cute edge, a hint of innocence and obliviousness to the cruel world surrounding her. I wanted her to be happy and carefree for as long as she could because her knowledge of this world would change her as she grew.

We ran for about half an hour more, our family and Kiara's family finally catching up to us. I could see her father and brother's hesitation as Kiara la

I've been getting questions regarding Kiara's age development. Kiara will remain nine for the next five chapters or so, the max seven. I like detail, so some may find it a drag, but whatever, I write pieces together as the story moves forward. There will be two stages before Kiara turns eighteen. She will be 12-15 and then 15-18. However, the 12-15 stage will only be a max of six chapters and will end quickly. More focus will be on her 15-18 stage. 

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sarah stone
I have to say I love your writing and if somebody doesn't like it they don't have to read the book.
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Samantha Burciaga
I'm really loving the way its going. I can't wait to read the next chapters as she gets older and when she discoveres the twins are her mates...
goodnovel comment avatar
Bella Jersey
I don’t want to rush it to much. because if you are stopping at 9 something major happen here. I want to themselves keep them in check. There’s step she has to take to make her a woman later

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