Chapter 17: He's Not So Bad.

Chapter 17: He's Not So Bad.

Violet sat still, ignoring Dominic who was hugging her, he began his sweet and lucrative charms with money. She heard about upcoming projects that Dominic said could help her father earn several hundred thousand dollars on the condition that she just obediently obeys her husband's arrangement. Everything would be simplified if Violet obeyed and did what he wanted, not only would he not pressure her, but he would also help her father's company.

Dominic kissed Violet's cheek, he smiled sweetly and said, his voice deep and husky seductively, he asked again because he wanted Violet to answer:

"Violet, do you understand?"

"I know..." - Violet frowned slightly, looking down at her hands that were clasped together because of the tension and sweat.

Dominic and Violet are a young couple, Dominic's physical strength is completely superior to that of a normal man, almost every night he presses her down to make love, and the two of them passionately make others jealo
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