The Love Of A Powerful Man

The Love Of A Powerful Man

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Violet Taylor for falling in love with Dominic Barker a young and powerful billionaire, she used everything to prove her love to him but in the end received contempt. After two years of suffering, everyone around her abandoned her, causing Violet to jump into the sea because of her despair. But Violet was given a new life by God, and Violet was returned to two years ago. Because she can go back in time, she knows everything that is about to happen and will happen. She promised herself that she would never love Dominic Barker again. But the Dominic Barker in front of her wasn't like the Dominic Barker she knew, was he after her? What strange thing is going on? Dominic Barker gave her a marriage license and made her sign it.

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67 Chapters
Chapter 1: Alive!
Violet awoke from her nightmare, her whole body drenched in sweat, drenching her nightgown. Violet clutched her head, panting, she looked around bewilderedly around her bedroom, then quickly got off the bed and stood in front of the large mirror."It is me! Am I still alive? But I'm already dead, I jumped into the sea to commit suicide but… why… am I here?”Violet was stunned, she didn't know what happened to her, she quickly took out the phone on the table and opened it, the date on it was May 28, 20XX, which is two years before she committed suicide, which means she went back in time two years?Violet scratched her head and pulled her hair at this moment, she was really confused, couldn't understand what happened to her in the end, she was dead, she jumped into the sea to commit suicide but now she is here, here in her bedroom, and in time it was two years ago.This is completely absurd, she is a normal human who cannot have supernatural powers like going back in time or resurrectin
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Chapter 2: Fateful party
After that day, the other four girls continued to bother Violet. They still wanted someone to pay for their expensive designer bills, their allowance for a month was only enough to buy a cheap bag.They frantically apologized to Violet for yesterday."Let us apologize, we are close friends right, don't quarrel because of unhappy things, let's make up."Laura reached out her hand to shake hands with Violet and beside her were the expectant eyes of the other three. But Violet is no longer an innocent and simple girl, in front of that expectant look she only feels more disgust and disgust, Violet doesn't care they continue to take books from the closet:“Stop bothering me, you just want my money, your ugly minds disgust me, go away.”Laura retracted her arm, and the four of them became angry and scolded Violet for being the kind of person who arrogantly looked down on them. Violet also doesn't care, she despises the four of them, only knows how to buy expensive things and spend lavishly,
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Chapter 3: Invitation letter for Violet
After that fateful meeting, Violet no longer wants to see him again, everything will completely change from her previous life if she doesn't fall in love with him and do stupid things.And the first big thing she can do in this life is not to love Dominic Barker, all bad things will no longer come to her. At the thought of that, Violet was shivering with joy, more excited than ever. For Violet not to take revenge, she would feel very uncomfortable, but in fact, in this life those people have not done anything to her, as long as those bad things don't happen like that, she will be happy.Since Violet was resurrected again, she knew everything that was about to happen, it was understandable that she knew in advance what would happen in the next two years, but she would not reveal this to anyone.During dinner, Violet stated her decision:"Parents, I want to study in France.""Study abroad? Why did you suddenly make that decision?” – Her father asked.Her mother was not satisfied with wh
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Chapter 4: Things are not going according to the trajectory.
Thanks to William's urging, Violet had to come even if she didn't want to, she thought she wouldn't lose a piece of meat, she didn't love Dominic Barker in this life and he couldn't do anything to hurt her.Soon that night came, Violet was prepared by her mother for a blue dress designed specifically for Violet, which was embroidered with beautiful flowers and seductive lace. Violet wearing it made her look more mature and sexier than ever, she indulged in looking at herself in the mirror and admiring how beautiful she was.She was so beautiful that people who wanted to love her had to wait in line, but in her previous life, she was no different from a moth attached to Dominic Barker. Now that I think about it, I feel stupid for falling in love with someone who doesn't love me.Mr. Taylor and Violet came to the party, the party was not too big and there were no reporters or journalists present. Maybe just a casual get-together party between Dominic Barker's partners.Violet walked int
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Chapter 5: Why is he here?
Just like Dominic Barker said at dinner last night, early in the morning in front of Violet's house there was a super large gift box, when she was standing in awe of the gift, the staff came to give her a lovely card and car key. The staff did their duty very well, they made Violet very surprised, in that super large gift box was an expensive pink supercar that looked very vibrant and beautiful. Violet still can't believe her eyes, her brother is very interested in the supercar in front of him. Her family is very rich, but her father will not agree to spend a large amount of money to buy an expensive supercar like this. Violet approached the car and tried to sit in it, a supercar that really belonged to her made her really surprised but she was not happy, if it was an innocent eighteen-year-old Violet, she would definitely dance all day. because she was given a gift by Dominic Barker, but now she only feels after this gift really contains some kind of conspiracy. Violet saw that her
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Chapter 6: Proposal?
Chapter 6: Proposal?Violet awkwardly entered the living room at her father's call, she saw Dominic Barker sitting and drinking tea relaxingly talking with her father, making her even more confused. His demeanor made her feel very pressured, Dominic Barker's gaze had been following Violet ever since she entered this room. Violet's mind was now filled with questions "Why is Dominic Barker here?"; “What did he say to his father?”; "What's going on here?"... the questions clearly show that Violet is very confused right now. She wanted to get out of this room right now.Violet was annoyed, but she politely greeted: "Hello, Mr. Dominic Barker." “Hello, Miss Violet Taylor. You came back just in time.” Dominic Barker smiled softly and said.The two politely greeted each other, Violet wanted to hurry up to her room, but Dominic Barker's presence was no different from the presence of kings and gods. Violet looked into her father's eyes and could see that he was looking forward to something g
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Chapter 7: Running away ahead of time.
Chapter 7: Running away ahead of time. During dinner, Mr. Taylor was very cheerful and he even hummed a song, indicating that the mood was very good today. William saw that his scowling father was very happy today, so he curiously asked: "How is Dad today? What makes you so happy?" “Of course to rejoice, Dominic Barker is going to be my golden son-in-law and your brother-in-law.” Anna was surprised and asked: "What do you say? Really!" "That's right, I'm not joking." Violet at dinner heard everyone in the family talking but she didn't want to talk, the food was delicious on the table but when it was put in her mouth, it was like a rag that could not be swallowed. A pressure meal. Mr. Taylor began talking about everything that had happened today: “Dominic Barker said he wanted to marry Violet and he came all the way here to discuss it with me. But he wants to hear the answer from Violet's mouth, everything about everything from his wedding dress to his ring is ready." Violet h
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Chapter 8: There's No Way
Chapter 8: There's No WayAfter two months, Mr. Taylor tried everything he could to get in touch with his daughter, but couldn't. Mr. Taylor and Mrs. Anna in the past few days have been extremely confused and living in fear. With power in the hands of Dominic Barker, a snap of his fingers could wipe out Mr. Taylor's half-life career. Mr. Taylor constantly blamed Violet for being a bad daughter:“Haizz… it's unbearable, how could Violet run away, if we can't find her, Dominic Barker will make us unable to raise our heads. "William Taylor looked at his father's pale face, he was the accomplice who helped Violet escape. But he did not know where Violet was and what he was doing. "Dad, it's not that serious. Be calm."Mr. Taylor was furious:"How can we be calm now, do you know that the business contract is worth millions of dollars, billions of dollars, just a word of consent from Violet, we can get it ?! Now let's not talk about the contract, if Violet doesn't come back, the company
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Chapter 9: Unable to run away from reality
Chapter 9: Unable to run away from realityViolet's scribbles on the paper, she couldn't control her trembling in front of Dominic Barker. He was still watching Violet's handwriting as if he were sure she had signed their marriage certificate.When she finished, Violet pushed away from the paper, uncontrollable tears falling down her face. Dominic Barker picked up the marriage paper with great satisfaction, he was engrossed in her signature and stroked it. He handed the paper to the bodyguard standing behind, then bent down to hug Violet's trembling shoulder, he leaned into her arm and said,"Honey, we have to go back."Violet finally could not resist this man, he was too powerful and brutal just to not do what he wanted, he threatened and forced Violet to do what he wanted. Violet said nothing, followed Dominic Barker onto the private jet and returned.During the flight, Dominic Barker did not take his eyes off Violet even for a moment, he gazed passionately at Violet as if she were
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Chapter 10: The wedding takes place.
Chapter 10: The wedding takes place.Soon the day of the wedding came, because Dominic Barker is a big figure in the business world and also the head of the prestigious Barker family, so his wedding was also very grand and noble...Because before the wedding, Dominic Barker's bride was not public, so everyone was curious about this, and the media came together to be able to shoot the most expensive scenes.Mr. and Mrs. Taylor were afraid that their daughter would run away again, so before the wedding took place, they detained her in the house but did not dare to put pressure on Violet, fearing that making her psychologically depressed would affect the marriage. On the day of the wedding, she was also accompanied by her parents, accompanied by many bodyguards sent by Dominic Barker.Violet was frustrated and annoyed but she couldn't do anything, her mind kept thinking about running away from here, but what to do when Dominic Barker's eyes and ears were everywhere. He could find her in
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