Impulse Moon

"Alright, Alright! I will do just exactly as you want me to do" Mikel replied as he nods his head.

"Better for you! be a brave guy!" Wisdom replied and started moving to the right side where he can spot the soldiers clearly and so as Wisdom started following him gently and wisely.

"Zara'm and Zilla fight from the right side, while I stay here and fight, alright?" Fisher ordered as Zara'm and Zilla nods as they set up their gun and then silently shifting to the right side but suddenly Zilla mistakenly matched an iron that made a very loud Noise and indicated their present location as some of the soldiers who is close to that place started shooting at them giving an alert to those ones who took the wrong direction searching for them, as they started returning back to that point where the gun was sounding.

But Mikel and Wisdom assisted Zara'm and Zilla that was looking for a protector to hide on and shoot the soldiers, Wisdom helped them by blasting bullets from their own s
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