Chapter 74. Hesitant

The elevator status gradually stabilized, and a male voice came out of the speaker

“Is everyone okay? Is anyone hurt?"

All shook their heads. Even though the elevator had a strong vibration, it still kept its balance so everything was fine

Technical team captain, Mandy spoke through the microphone from the observation room

“We are very sorry for this unexpected incident. Now the elevator will stop on the seventh floor, everyone after leaving, please immediately go to the medical room for a general check. The technical and support team will arrive shortly.” His voice was both hurried and a little shaky

This case of elevator failure is very rare, especially at Ramos company. Mandy also can't guess what the error is and needs to go to the place to check to know. However, in his eyes, he still couldn't hide his worry even though he had experienced many elevator incidents, the reason was that Madame Ramos, the boss's wife, coincidentally was in the same elevator. that incident.

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