Chapter 22 Slapped By Reality

It has been a month since Addy worked at the company owned by Daniel's family. In between his busy life as an intern, he was also busy working on his thesis. This made his time to meet with Serry even rarer. However, that Omega can understand his busyness. So far, Addy's performance as an intern has received good appreciation from the director.

“Addy, are you busy today?” Leana asked as she ate the salad. Addy looked still.

“Yes. I'll have to go somewhere later.” He replied without looking at Leana.

“I want you to accompany me to go shopping.” Leana expresses her wish and hopes Addy will agree to her request.

Addy looked at Beta in front of him, who had a hopeful face.

“Sorry, I can't.” Addy politely declined the Beta request.

“Why?” Leana asked in a somewhat high tone.

“I can't go with other women!” replied Addy in a flat tone. His blue eyes sharply tapped the female Beta in front of him, who began to exude an aura of anger.

Leana squealed loudly. “I just ask you to accompany me shop
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