Chapter 7

With Gio's help, I finished all the tasks that he gave to me. I don't understand why he's still helping me. I thought that this was a punishment? I don't really get what he wanted but nevermind.


He was currently sitting at his table and was busy fiddling with his laptop. He turned around and raised an eyebrow at me.

"Just call me Gio, I already told you, didn't I?" he asked. I nodded at him.

Until now it's kinda awkward for me calling him by his name. But the question that has been running through my mind for a while was, "Does he likes me? Why was he so nice to me?"

"Gi-Gio," I called him again.

"Yes, Scarlet?" I was terrified when I heard his deep voice. I was aroused by hearing him calling my name. First name basis eh? That thoughts made me shake my head.

"Why are you so nice to me?" I asked not looking at him. He was stunned by what I said and frowned.

"You're asking me why I am nice to you? It's because you know my secret, Scarlet. Maybe if I'm cruel to you, you'
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