“Why did you do that? You could’ve said that in a nice way.” After Nicole left so angry about what happen Asher called me in his office and now his leaning back on his swivel chair and massaging his temple.

“She was being rude and I don’t like being treated that way… I’m not like before… I change.” and so does you, I wanted to add that but I stop myself before I could say it, he’s still my boss in every angle I look at.

“She’s has the second biggest shares in the company, and even though the company can handle without them some investors are going to question why they backed out and they will soon do it too.”

I didn’t realize how that would affect the business. I look down on my feet and biting my lips. My tears are behind my eye and I refuse to look at his disappointed face, and also because I might cry in front of him and that would totally suck and unprofessional of me. “I’m sorry.” I gulp as my voice crack a little.

“Myles.” He calls me by my name in a soft voice. If I wasn’t g
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