The Meeting

Hidden between the thick branches of a big tree, I assessed the ground in front of me. The dungeons, where I needed to be, were to the south. At the back of the castle and under the ground. There were at least forty guards, twenty guarding the border walls and twenty on the ground. And goddess knows how many were inside the actual dungeons.

I climbed down the tree silently and steadily. And now the question was, how could I enter the dungeons without anyone noticing me? How? How? H-

I noted a movement in my peripheral vision and looked in its direction. A guard was walking towards a tree in other direction a few feet away. Maybe for his personal business. I smiled to myself. The opportunity came itself to my door.

Walking on my toes, I stood behind the man and waited for him to notice me. His ears perked up and he turned to me. But before he could react, I gripped his throat and put pressure on the side on a particular spot until he fell unconscious.

Some tricks were very useful at times like these.

I dropped the guard and pull his uniform off of him and put it on myself. The size did not fit well me so it was a little uncomfortable. To my luck, the uniform consisted a thick hooded cape which indicated that he might be someone of a higher rank. Well, someone was going to be furious after waking up.

I pulled the hood up and walked towards the small opening in the wall. I entered through the small door and moved my face side to side so no one could get to see my face clearly. I swiftly headed to the door which led to the dungeons and entered. Advantage of what I wore, no one even looked at me, let alone question anything.

Getting inside, I was met by some stairs which led me downwards. The daylight from the outside lighted the first two-three steps and the rest were illuminated by the fire lit torches on the walls. I descended the stairs and reached a corner which led to a long hallway.

I hid behind the corner and slowly dropped my uniform. I couldn't go in there in that disguise anymore. I fished out a small pouch from my pocket and opened it. I took two pinches of the purple dust and blew it in the air. I quickly pinched my nose close and saw the dust fly away and mix with the air.

It was a special magical dust grandma gave me before coming here. It would keep the guards asleep while I did my work. Moments later, a thud sounded. Then another, then another and another. One by one, all the guard dropped to the floor and fell into the slumber of oblivion.

I stepped out and ran through the hallway. There were cells on both sides. Every cell was filled with prisoners. Some rouges, some normal wolves. Finding grandpa among them should have been easy. Because I'd heard that there was no other witch kept prisoner.

Sniffing for his scent, I ventured more into the hallway. The unpleasant smell of rogues, damp ceilings, and dried blood made me want to stop breathing but I kept going on. Just before reaching another corner, I caught that scent, smoking wood. I rushed to the next cell on my right and looked for him. "Grandpa?"

A weak old man slowly rose from the floor, wrapped in an old rugged blanket. When he stood up, iron chains dangled from his neck and wrists. Iron, to keep his magic locked up. He squinted through the bars, his face wrinkled, eyes narrowed in focus. "Who are you, little girl? What are you doing here?" He said in a hoarse voice.

"Its me, grandpa. I am your grand daughter." I said and hurried to him but flinched from a burning sensation when I touched the bars on the gate.

"It is silver. Be careful." He calmly said. Holding my hand I checked with wide eyes. Indeed. My palm was burnt.

"You called me grandpa. Why? Is my daughter..." He asked in confusion. I looked at him and nodded.

"Yes. She was my mother." He frowned at my words so I explained in a small voice. "She died. She is not with us any more." I saw the way his teared up instantly.

"We don't have time right now. Someone might come in." I looked around for keys and found them dangling across on the wall and ran to grab them.

"Don't touch them!" He yelled but he was a little late. I burnt my already burnt hand, again. Silver. I growled in frustration and turned to him. "The keys are also silver how do they unlock the gates then?" I asked.

"They wear leather gloves. Only the guards have them." I decided to run to the uniform I dropped by the stairs, I remember it had gloves at the belt, but I halted when I heard footsteps approaching. "They are coming you should go."

I turned to him in panic. "But I can't leave you here. I came for you." I whispered to him.

"But that is not a possibility right now. They are too many. You don't stand a chance." He frowned. Contemplating what would be the right course of action, I drew out my swords. "Go, go, go. They will capture you, too." he urged. I turned again to him and looked in the eyes.

"I promise, I will come again. Wait for me, grandpa." Giving him a nod, I bolted out. Hurriedly walking through the hallway I reached the corner and focused on the footsteps. They were two.

I masked my face and waited for them to reach right in front of me and once they did, I grabbed one guard's throat and shoved my sword in the other guard's chest so he won't make any noise. My weapons were not made of silver. Because I didn't have intentions of killing anyone. They were just coated in a little wolfsbane, enough to delay their healing.

I knocked the first guard on the head to make him unconscious and grabbed my disguising clothes. But halfway through, a guard saw me from top of the stairs and shouted for the guards. I growled and threw the clothes away in frustration. Why they had to come right now?

I drew my swords out and charged for them. Climbing up, I dodged as many attacks as I could. Jumping and flipping in the air, I just threw some kicks and punches here and there. If I didn't involve any blood shedding they might not call others, thinking they could catch me. I tried to escape without fighting any further but they had now covered up all the possible ways of exit.

They all gathered around me leaving no way to go but, I didn't let my mind lose it's calm and skidded past all the lazy men through the space between their legs. Seriously, the king should have paid mind to these fat, good for nothings. Not just only on his soldiers.

I ran as fast as I could. I reached another face of the castle and thought of climbing out from this wall. But I knew more guards were coming and I wouldn't have enough time. Not having any other options I slipped through the gate behind me. It was a wide hall with its wall adorning a lot of vases and some paintings. The walls had a golden hue to them, making everything look so very celestial.

Hearing the footsteps become louder I ran again. I could admire the castle another time. Avoiding all the servants and the other people I ran through the hallways and climbed up some flight of stairs. I reached a corner where there was just a small balcony in front of me. I looked out to calculate the situation outside. Guards were running outside shouting for a masqueraded female.

I stepped back and looked around me. My ears picked up faint chatter coming out from across the hallways and I looked for a hiding place. The door to my left was left ajar, so I slipped in. The room was mostly dark wich was lightened only in the centre which looked like a bathing pool built in the floor. The pool was large enough to fit atleast seventy people in it. Everything else was blurred due to the mist in the air.

Mixed in the scents of many oils and fragrances, I smelled the most intoxicating scent I have smelt in my life. Pine and sandalwood. I inhaled a large gulp of that heavenly scent and looked for it's source. My gaze centered to a figure sitting in the large pool showing me its back. I concentrated on it, it was a werewolf, a male. As if feeling my eyes on him the man turned his head slightly towards me.

Even in the blinding mist, where anything else was not sensibly visible to my eyes. I caught his deadly gaze. Piercing brown. The darkest of browns I have ever seen but they still had the glimmer in them. My eyes locked with him and my breath got caught in my throat when a voice echoed in my mind.


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