The Goddess's Temple

Hundreds of people were stood outside of the old and grand temple, in wait. Everyone parted and made a way up the stairs for the royal crowd to enter the temple.

Led by the King and the Princess, we followed up the massive stairs to start the rituals for the event tonight. Everyone's gaze was set on me, scrutinizing me. They still wasnn't accustomed to the idea of a female wolf being a guard, a warrior. They found it astounding and odd how a female could handle a sword.

We arrived right in front of the glorious statue of the moon goddess. Mild darkness drowned the place, except for the candles lit in the corners to make the place visible to the eye. After a short while of shuffling and rustling of the priests, the high priest arrived with his hand folded behind his back and bowed to the King. Taking his place at the feet of the goddess, he announced.

"I welcome each one of you humble wolves to this holy occasion of the full moon, tonight. With the first ray of the holy moonlight, we
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