Chapter 59

valerie pov..

" Oh my God what's happening , hemsworth "

" We are under attack please My lady we need to escape from this place as soon as possible ".

I jumped down from the carriage ,packed my gown and we started to running ,I turned to see if liam was running behind us be what I saw next made me scream out of my lungs .

"Ahhhhh ......."

Liam was surrounded by some men ,in blink of an eye his head was chopped off .

" oh my God ...oh my God ... hemsworth liam is dead oh my God "

" Yes I know My lady ,he sacrificed himself for us ,please no time for questions we need to run as fast has our leg can carry us please "

Held my hand and we started running , But to my surprise the men on black were not coming after us all of a sudden we stopped ,I turned to hemsworth .

"hemsworth why did we stop "

" Oh No this is not Good , My Lady you need to hide ."

' Why do we need to hide "

" Look Lady valerie "

I turned to look at the direction he was pointing a
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